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We deal with copper, brass, lead, aluminum, steel and cars and trucks that are outdated.

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You get the best price for all the ferrous and non-ferrous metals based on the market rate. .

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We have invested in the latest machinery to deal successfully with the metal recycling process

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We are a leading dealer of scrap metal in Ireland

Model County Metal has been serving customers through various recycling purposes and services. We assist in providing the best solution to the disposal of metals that are no more of any use to you. Book our service and get a guaranteed value on all the metals that you sell us. We ensure to provide a maximum value based on the condition of the metal.

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Our huge customer base includes local authorities, small businesses, commercials, and domestic and farms.
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We have experience in dealing with large and small quantities of metals, and they may vary from heavy to light iron. .
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We also deal with non-ferrous metals, such as lead, zinc, aluminum, and copper.
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We have made it easier for our customers by collecting the metals from your door. .


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What We Collect

Aluminum Recycling

Irrespective of the quantity, we pick up aluminum directly from your home or demolition sites to provide a comprehensive recycling service.

Our team deals with every form of aluminum, starting from sheets to cast alloys. We also collect alloy wheels and license plates. You get the best price for every aluminum piece you sell to us.

Copper Recycling

Be it domestic, commercial or industrial scrap metal, we offer to deal with copper recycling for all our customers. Get the best value for alloy, copper wiring, pipes, and copper roof cladding.

We also deal with copper locks, copper fixtures and even decorative items. Get the best result at our high-end recycling facility.

Lead Recycling

No more worrying about disposing of the lead items. Irrespective of the quantity, we offer the best service for a complete lead recycling service. You get the maximum price, and the metals are conveniently carried from your location to our site through a safe and effective approach.

We deal with lead pipework, lead acid batteries and engineering components.

Car And Truck Recycling

Is your car outdated? Do you have to go through a huge expenditure every month for car maintenance? Then it's time to buy a new one and dispose of the old car at Model County Metal recycling service. We collect vehicles that can no longer serve its purpose.

Our service includes scrap car collection, de-pollution, alloy wheel and car battery recycling. You also get engine recycling, vehicle wiring loom, and catalytic converter recycling.

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